DIY – Batten Fix Fittings

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DIY – Batten Fix Fittings

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The “batten holder” is installed by an electrician. It requires a “bayonet bulb” (B22). Typically the batten holder base is screwed to the ceiling. Once the batten holder is installed, attaching light fittings or shades can be performed by a competant handy-person.

Typical batten fix galley
Typical batten fix shade with batten-holder cover

INSTALLING a DIY Batten-fix light

ENSURE the switch is turned OFF!

The “skirt” is removed (unscrewing counter-clockwise) allowing a DIY “batten-fix” fitting or shade to be attached over the thread of the batten-holder. The skirt is then screwed back on and the B22 bulb installed. It is then safe to turn on the power to test.

There are many different styles of DIY light fittings suitable for a Batten-Holder, to see our range go here.

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