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The way that shades attach to the lamp base is often the area of greatest concern when you are selecting a replacement shade “will it fit on my base?”.

We are going to try to cover the most common here;

The “standard” type fitting – where the lampshade has a “shade ring” which fits onto an E27 or B22 lampholder, held on by the lampholder “skirt”. The majority of our shades are designed to fit onto an E27 (Edison Screw) lampholder, and are supplied with a lampshade adapter ring to allow them to be fitted onto a B22 (Bayonet Cap) or E14 (Small Edison Screw) lampholder.

The “shade harp” type fitting – where the lamp base is fitted with a wire “harp” and the lampshade sits on this harp – secured with a “finial” which is usually decorative.

Shade “recess” is the only other important consideration. The “recess” is the distance from the edge of the shade to where the shade fits on the lamp. There are a number of “recess types”, illustrated below to assist you to identify them, but the most common on tapered shades is the dropped harp (DH) and on drum shades it is the standard harp (SH). Most of our shades have a “recess” of 4cm, making them suitable for most lamps.

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