Outdoor Lights Cleaning

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Outdoor Lights Cleaning

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To keep your light fitting looking good, and working properly, regular dusting and cleaning (with non-abrasive cleaners) is
essential. A build-up of dust and dirt looks ugly and can damage the finish longer term.

All outdoor lights need to be cleaned regularly. Imagine how bad your car would look if you left it out in the weather for a whole year and never cleaned it!

All light fittings should be cleaned regularly, outdoor lights more frequently as the buildup of dirt and dust doesn’t always wash off in the rain.

Some outdoor fittings benefit from regular application of a surface protector. To maintain appearance and durability of coatings on metal components we recommend a twice yearly application of a reputable brand of car polish or wax.

Not all of the components of Stainless Steel outdoor lights are stainless steel, some may be aluminium, brass or copper. These materials will react differently to the conditions, atmosphere and chemicals.

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