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Track lighting and accessories by Oriel Lighting.

Track lighting provides a versatile lighting option.

Track systems are very useful when you want to create a dramatic visual effect combined with quality task lighting. Excellent for lighting over benches, work surfaces or tables. Can be directed into cupboards or onto walls, providing accent lighting to dramatize artworks or architectural features.

The TRACK should be installed by a licenced electrician, the lights themselves can be attached to the track by a competent handy person. Most track lights are fully adjustable, allowing you to customise your lighting to suit your décor or requirements.

Oriel Lighting track is available in 1 and 2 M lengths and each track is supplied with a LIVE END (power feed).

Longer lengths can be achieved using track joiners. Oriel Lighting offer 3 types of track joiner.

Your lighting specialist can assist you with choosing the best track solution.

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