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Hot to touch, yes! Most lights create heat.

Halogen bulbs do tend to produce the most heat, making fittings hot to touch. This can be uncomfortable for some, and worse in some circumstances. They use more energy and generally don’t last as long as the LED alternative. They are used less and less indoors and out and will soon be totally phased out.

LED light sources are cooler. This is why LED’s are popular for use in gardens and where children may be able to touch the light. They generally last longer and are much more energy efficient. But don’t think that LED doesn’t produce heat – it does!

“Hot” light sources in outdoor lights can also contribute to condensation inside the fitting (as the fitting cools, moisture on the outside of the fitting is drawn in through seals and can stay inside the fitting). In most cases the moisture is not a problem with 12V but can be dangerous and cause earth leakage issues with 240V.

Some LED light sources, when used in stainless outdoor lights can overheat – reducing the life of the LED bulb.

Your lighting specialist and the installing electrician will be able to provide good advice for your particular application.

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