Oriel Lighting Portal Fully Functional

Drop shipping - using the Oriel Lighting PORTAL

Oriel Lighting offer DROPSHIPPING to registered customers through our CUSTOMER PORTAL.

We offer seamless B2C DROPSHIPPING  with prompt dispatch and order tracking direct from our warehouse to your customer.

Using the PORTAL

Registered Oriel Portal Users can log onto the USER AREA of the Oriel Lighting PORTAL.

With access, users can see stock availability and their pricing. 

Users can also:

Select items and add them to a cart

Enter your customer’s address details (the end customer)

See, and select, freight options to that delivery address

Make Payment

Once confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Fulfilment & Tracking

Orders placed through the Oriel PORTAL are priority processed by our fulfilment team, with most orders leaving the next business day.

Order tracing is sent when the order is dispatched, allowing you to track the order or forward the tracking details to your customer.


As an Oriel Lighting DROPSHIPPING PARTNER you will be given access to our PORTAL.

You will be able to easily check stock availability and your pricing.


You will be able to select items and add them to a cart.

Enter your customer’s delivery address.

See the cost of freight to that address and select the shipping option.


When you are ready to proceed you are required to make payment.

We accept VISA and MASTERCARD as well as PAYPAL on our PORTAL.

Shipping Costs and Conditions

When DROPSHIPPING using our PORTAL you will be charged the freight using our online shipping calculator supported by STARSHIPIT.

Freight is calculated based on the DELIVER TO address entered. We do not offer any free delivery (FIS) for DROPSHIPPING orders.

We offer DROPSHIPPING to most places in Australia, we do not ship outside Australia.

Authority to Leave (ATL) – we encourage you to use the ATL option to minimise extra delivery charges like re-delivery or futile delivery (when the customer is not home). Any extra costs, like re-delivery or re-direction will be billed for payment.

Please ensure that when ATL is selected the goods can beleft unattended, and do not require complex delivery instructions.

For more information or to register as an Oriel Portal user follow the links below.

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