Lamp Shades

Lamp shades and the best way to choose the right one

What is a Shade Harp Fitting?

The “shade harp” type fitting – where the lamp base is fitted with a wire “harp” and the lampshade sits on this harp – secured with a “finial” which is usually decorative.

Lamp Shade Fittings

The way that shades attach to the lamp base is often the area of greatest concern when you are selecting a replacement shade “will it fit on my base?”. We are going to try to cover the most common here; The “standard” type fitting – where the lampshade has a “shade ring” which fits onto an …

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Lamp Shade Types

When you are looking for a replacement shade the options can sometimes seem confusing. This guide is not exhaustive, but through it we hope to answer most questions. There are a number of “types” of shades used on lamps, and as hanging shades. The two main categories are “hard back” or laminated shades, and “soft …

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Measuring Lampshades

The way we measure a lampshade is using the 3 dimensions, the distance across the top, across the bottom and the height, straight down the side. So, for example a 250-430-280 shade is 250mm (10″) across the top, 430mm (17″) across the bottom and 280mm (11″) down the side.

Why won’t my new lampshade fit on my lamp?

I need to replace an old lampshade, but I noticed that your lampshades have a larger piece that fits onto the base, than the old shade I want to replace. Why are they different? I can’t use your new shades can I?

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